We've got ten dollars, thats enough to get us wasted

I happily debuted my new Christopher Kane for Topshop heels on Saturday night, with a GaGa-esque shoulder jacket and all. It was going well until until I abused the 'triples for singles' offer at the bar a bit too much and one of my friends started buying me drinks because "i just love you!". As much as she loves me, I think she loves the terribly embarrassing pictures of me rolling around on the bathroom floor more. Toilet roll on my Christopher Kanes = not a good look.

Luckily they survived..


New York New York

I just got back from New York 3 days ago, and ofcourse i'm still feeling the buzz!

I've wanted to go to New York for years now, and luckily i got the chance to go with University at Christmas time. We definitely got the full New York experience, and now I understand why it's called the city that never sleeps!

I spent far too much money, but that's exactly how i intended it to be. I got to see some amazing stores - Louis Vuitton, Juicy Couture and Abercrombie & Fitch on 5th Ave, Anthropologie (amazing displays both in store and in the window) and Prada on Broadway (amazing architectural structure - although i did have a Carrie moment (the ep in Louis Vuitton in Paris) when i feel up the stairs in front of everyone. Ever the demure shopper..

I also got closer to my friends Lucy, Jenna, Fiona & Beth who i spent 24/7 with. We enjoyed a beautiful horse and carriage ride through central park, a limo ride through the meat packing district and Times Square, meals in the Hard Rock Cafe, TGI Fridays, Ruby Tuesday's and the like. Oh and i can't forget, we had our picture up in Times Square one night! Courtesy of American Eagle Outfiters.