Your gonna be an old woman someday.. don't worry about it

Advanced Style: Age and Beauty on Nowness.com.

I absolutely love this video. I'm can only hope I'm as stylish as these ladies even now!


Summer Brights

For Christmas I got vouchers for a few of my favourite stores, and since i didn't see anything I loved at River Island, i thought i'd save them until the summer stock came in so i could treat myself to some spring goodies! I'm heading to the Riviera in Spain next week for my friend's 21st, so i thought I'd make a wishlist of some of my favourite picks of this seasons brights. How cute would the orange shorts look with a crisp white shirt?


Re Tuned

So it turns out i hadn't lost my camera cable, i just hadn't re installed it onto my new mac computer.. I can be so clever sometimes. I need to get back into taking photographs, but i've hardly been doing anything other than going into university and the gym lately! Everyones on a major money saving mission, but my easter starts on Friday and I'm off to Spain the week after.. so expect more posts! Here are some shots of what i enjoyed the last time i was home. 


Zara Lookbook March '11

I never really used to shop in Zara until about a year ago, I always thought it was just a bit too pricey for a student like me, but after looking in the Nottingham store with my friends a lot - and going in when i was on my European holidays last year - its safe to say i've fallen in love with it. Their sales are amazing, and the quality and simplicity of some of their clothes is just to die for. Cue their March lookbook - someone get me that pink blazer pronto!



I so wish i could have a little piece of Pamela Love Jewellery. I love huge, chunky silver rings, and (ask my friends) have always had a weird penchant for bones - her jewellery line is perfect for me. For now i'll have to make do with the H&M and Topshop look a likes i keep on finding, but i think i might be adding 'rings turning green or discoloured after only wearing them twice' to my pet hate list. (The current No.1 on my list is people who don't take the labels off the underside of their shoes..)

P.s - I'm sorry for the slowdown of posts, I've left my camera lead at home somewhere - I'm heading home tomorrow though so i'll get searching!

Images courtesy of Jak + Jil/Google