black flies

It's been pretty hard to take photos recently since i've only got 4 weeks left at uni - this dissertation is 24/7, which i know a lot of other people are dealing with. As usual the weather in England is being completely ridiculous, i was battling with the wind this day. I love how the back of this shirt drapes, i thought i'd mix up the prints too with polka dots and stars.. and my trusty studded slippers! 

 Blazer; River Island, Shirt; Primark, Shorts, H&M, Shoes; Topshop, Backpack; Blanco, Watch; Michael Kors, Jewellery; Spain



One thing i'm definitely missing from my wardrobe is a statement necklace. I'm a big impulse buyer when it comes to jewellery and usually just buy whatever i like without thinking about how it translates to my wardrobe. A gorgeous necklace would go great over my t shirts so i picked out my high street favourites. Which ones do you like?


shield your eyes

This is the full outfit from my last post. I wore it to uni and when we got back we had in impromptu shoot in the bathroom! You can't really get full shots though so we went downstairs to get pictures of the full outfit. I adore this shirt with the coat, but since it was uni I dressed it down with my creepers and bowler hat. I'm heading down to London tomorrow for a photoshoot with a great stylist and singer, I can't wait! I'll let you know more tomorrow (or wednesday as i have no idea what time i'll be back) and hopefully have some video interviews for you soon! 

Coat; Zara, Shirt; Urban Outfitters, Jeans; Clothes Show Live, Shoes; Office, Hat; H&M, Bag; Freemans.com



Just a little sneak peak of my next post!


blue sequins

I've been super busy this week with uni starting again and my friends birthday, we had a dinner party and ended up moving tables and chairs from the flats so we could cook for 15 people! It was a really good night, this is just an outfit i wore to uni the other day. I did want to wear it with this cute grey blazer i have but turns out thats at home - story of my life for this next month!

Jacket; Mums, Top; River Island, Skirt; Vintage, Shoes; old Dorothy Perkins, Bag; Topshop


DIY: ripped jeans

I've got about 5/6 pairs of black jeans.. which is just ridiculous really. These ones are literally, mega old and pretty faded, but me being me can't throw anything out. I thought I'd try cutting them since what my jeans closet is missing is a pair of ripped jeans. 
It was really easy.. all i did really was cut them and try to pull any threads away (not easy when they're not actually denim..) The hardest part was probably decided where/what size to do the cuts! I also want to put studs in the pockets.. but I thought I'd best leave doing that until I've handed in my dissertation and actually have some spare time!

stud ring; H&M, others; eBay


red white and blue

Excuse the photos, I came back to Nottingham early and my only photographer was bedridden with a chest infection. The weather has been surprisingly nice the past few days so I thought I'd go a bit nautical and get out my boat shoes! These were a bit of a splurge for me last summer but they're so comfy, trouble is I don't really wear the colour red so I have hardly any outfits to match..

denim shirt & tee; H&M, jeans; Stradivarius, shoes; Office, scarf; Primark, watch; Gucci, rings; Topshop & H&M


the suit

I'm really craving a suit right now.. of course not the standard boring type but one with a gorgeous print like paisley or floral. This one from River Island is fab for transitioning into summer, although I might keep a look out for something a little more suited to my student budget. I'm thinking a short suit would be great for summer! Definitely need something to brighten up rainy England. Hope everyone had a lovely easter :) i've spent today driving back to Nottingham for uni.. back to work!

1. Blazer: River Island £45
2. Trousers: River Island £30
3. Shirt: ASOS £30 
4. Clutch: ASOS £35
5. Heels: Zara £69.99


new in

Being home for easter hasn't gone so well for me.. lots of online shopping and an item here or there! I haven't been able to get on my online banking either.. so that's been distracting me because I have no idea of my balance (and don't want to). But I picked up most of these in the sale so it's not as bad.. I tried these brogues on in store and was so happy when they went into the online sale for £12! bargain. 

1. Brogues - River Island (sale)
2. Waistcoat - River Island (sale)
3. T-shirt - Urban Outfitters (sale)
4. Shirt - Urban Outfitters
5. Short - River Island (sale)
6. Trousers - H&M
7. Shorts - H&M


take care

Paired together my new boyfriend jeans and these gorgeous heels i've been coveting for months! I've been wanting to buy a good pair of boyfriend jeans for literally years now, but i just can't bear jeans shopping most times. I wanted a light colour for summer and spotted these River Island ones in the sale, score!
take care - drake ft. rihanna

Blazer; Red Herring, T-shirt; Urban Outfitters, Jeans; River Island, Shoes; Zara, Bag; Miss Selfridge, Bracelet; Tiffany, Heart ring; Pandora, Watch; Jasper Conran