Stepping Out

I'm doing a bit of work experience at a photography studio while i'm home, so I just thought i'd share a few sneaky shots with you! This outfit is from my first day, I had no idea what to wear.. it's pretty casual but I still wanted to look professional, so of course i went with a little blouse and brogues!

Cardigan; River Island, Blouse & Necklace; Topshop, Trousers; Forever 21; Brogues; Zara, Watch; Michael Kors, Bracelet; Hermes



Thought i'd spruce up my boring old leather jacket with some pyramid studs - simple!


Park Life

The weather's been so up and down lately, these were taken just before we had a really hot weekend, at the time it was really sunny but there was a cool wind so i refused to take my cardy off! Scored this gorgeous Fiorelli bag in the sale, for my ridiculous collection of bags, i can't quite believe i didn't actually already have one this colour. It's literally perfect and i've been pulling it out nearly every day to use. I haven't managed to take many outfit shots recently as i've got tonsillitis, so as soon as i'm better i can leave the house and play dress up!

Cardigan; Jesire, Vest; Topshop, Trousers; New Look, Shoes; Primark, Bag; Fiorelli, Sunglasses; H&M, Jewellery; Vintage


Peek a Boo

When I was little I wanted to be an interior designer, until my parents told me I could do something bigger than that (they said i'd be a good lawyer..) so then I looked into doing architecture, until my parents told me not to because I'd be studying for 7 years.. Even if I haven't ended up working towards a career I thought i'd have, i still have a lot of passion for the subjects. I could spend hours looking through interior design magazines, and love any programme which lets you delve into the lives and homes of others. As i've been getting older though - probably now because i'm officially 'in my twenties', I've been thinking of how i'd furnish a flat of my own - and I literally can't decide on what my style would be. Modern and minimal? Vintage and romantic? There's so many options! That is until I found these pictures of Kate Foley's Williamsburg home. A perfect mix of quirky, modern and rustic.