Some more of my recent purchases from Topshop, River Island, H&M and New Look. I loved this back pack as soon as i saw it, it reminded me of something a little kid would carry around on a camping trip and i instantly saw myself trying to relive this image through summer. It was either that or the fact its a very helpful bag to have when i get my much planned for bike which made me buy it. These wedges i had to get to fill the Jeffrey Campbell Mariel sized hole in my heart because the shipping to England is just too much to bear for a poor student like myself. And I just had to snap up these Prada style sunglasses and the shearling style waistcoat (perfect for layering in summer and putting under a leather jacket in winter for that aviator look).

In other news, i'm off to Leeds Festival this weekend! Sadly i'm not camping this year, but i am staying at my friends house so i'll still be there for a few days. I can't wait, i love how free i feel at festivals, sitting on the grass eating pizza watching bands play. Love it.

I've been to the festival for the past 2 years, these are some shots of me last year.


Walking on a dream

I've been so busy working that I haven't had chance to post this outfit yet! I wore it out shopping to Liverpool the other week and am happy to report that my new shoes are very comfy :) I'm not used to wearing such a low heel, but I like the style of these boots and thought they'd be perfect for days when my feet need to last. Also I absolutely adore this bag, I found it on a website and made my parents get it me from Las Vegas, at the time i didn't really wear brown either but I've been pleasantly surprised with the amount I've used it. 

Hope everyone had a good weekend!

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Watch out

I adore my watches. While it may be a bit insubstantial to say that watches are my weakness (because so are heels.. general clothes.. a good bag), I definitely pay attention to detail in that area. A watch is by far my favourite accessory, and I never resist indulging in a designer piece - after all they are (excuse the pun) timeless. With that said, I need this watch belt in my life. 

Isn't it adorable? So quirky!

(Image - Song of Style)


An open space

I wore this out on a marathon shopping trip the other week - hence the flat shoes! Just a few shots of me playing around in my garden, I still need to master self timer.. I love my garden in the summer (I should rephrase that to any time it's actually sunny), I should thank my parents for their love of gardening and making it so interesting and  colourful to take pictures of. I'm gonna miss home when i'm back in uni.

Say hello to my gorgeous dog Scamp :)

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Welcome home

A few of my recent purchases. I couldn't resist this polka dot skirt, as well as on its own i'm planning on wearing it as an underskirt to add more volume until a find a better one! Had to buy these heels because i can't stop thinking about these.



Some of my favourite images at the moment.

(Images courtesy of fgr, tumblr, and other blogs)