My festival look - Latitude

So I was supposed to post this last week but never got chance (story of my life)... Anyway, on Saturday I got the chance to go to Latitide festival with work, and this is to show you what i wore. Sadly i don't own all the items in this - I am still on the hunt for my perfect pair of white velcro trainers (it's been about 1 year) which begs the question - do I splash out now or wait until they're a mainstream trend and get them somewhere cheaper? Eek decisions! Please help.. 

Backpack - here
Dungaress - here
Trainers - here
Bandana - here


White blouse and blue jeans

How amazing are these jeans? I feel like i've been looking for them my whole life without realising it. Patchwork, ripped and frayed hems? Amazing. Oh, and they were a bargain at £15.99 (they're now £9.99, damn! Find them here) Sorry for the quality in these photos but the rain has decided to grace England with it's presence again, so a very quick shoot it was indeed! 

Jacket - River Island // Top & Jeans - Zara sale // Sandals - Topshop


suede button down

 So I sort of went all out for buttoned a line mini skirts and bought about 4 in the space of 2 weeks (this 70s/denim trend has really got me) but then i've actually hardly worn them.. I have the awful habit of buying clothes, placing them neatly in my wardrobe and then forgetting about them for weeks. Anyone else do that? It's pretty bad.. must be the thrill of purchasing I love! (not great for the bank).
Anyway, since the weather is fab I thought now is the time to get my wear out of them (since tights are the devil)
Hope you're all having a lovely weekend!

 Top - Zara // Skirt - H&M // Sandals - random shop in Santa Monica // Watch - Daniel Wellington


New ins

Zara brogues

 So.. sorry for the radio silence. I can't believe i haven't posted since April! Just to give you a little update on why i've been AWOL.. I got promoted at work (yippee!) and moved from accessories to the footwear department (i know, dream). So that was all crazy. Then I went to Spain for a week's holiday over my birthday in May. In June I went to Vegas and LA for 2 weeks (which was incredible!! I legit still have holiday blues). But now i'm back! and the weather has been beautiful so I need to get my ass out there and take some photos for you all. How would you feel about a holiday post?
Anyway, here's a little of what i've been buying lately. 

Trousers - H&M / Tshirt - River Island 
 Bralette - Calvin Klein (can't recommend these enough, SO comfy!! I bought it in white too)
Skirt - Zara / Shirt - River Island
Sandals - ASOS