Wedges - saints or sinners?

1. Jeffrey Campbell
2. Carin Wester a/w 10
3. Acne a/w 10
4. Saga's flickr
Wedges. I've never gone there before, never wanted to. And that's from a self-confessed shoe addict. Nothing excites me more than trailing through shoe shops oogling at hidden platforms, hiller heels and the most beautiful details. Yet i've never been a fan of the wedge.
I've always been more partial to an enormous killer heel, and recently even higher platforms. Shoes that my friends look at and ask "how the hell can you walk in them?". Granted, sometimes it's tricky and excrutiatingly painful, but somehow so much more effective. In my uni halls alone i have atleast 25 pairs (now 27 since the 3 weeks i've been back after christmas..) of heels and not one pair of wedges (i confess i do have some at home, not half as beautiful as the ones pictured above).
Recently though, i've been seeing more and more pictures of gorgeous high wedges. The a/w catwalks were covered in them, and now i can't stop looking in shoe shops until i find my perfect pair. There's something about wearing the blackest of tights, with black seude wedges so that you can't even tell were your leg ends and the shoe starts. I can't wait to have a pair with even less detail than the Jeffrey Campbell ones, and a pair of heels which won't cripple my feet, but I guess I'll have to wait until the shops catch up first.


  1. Aaah I love this post bb! Such good writing xxx

  2. just love the wedges coming in right now, especially the pinky ones in Topshop, £85 though :( xxxxxxxx

  3. omgg me too i'm obsessed! i so want an amazing black pair, course i'm gonna buy more shoes! :p deffo saving up for some xxx


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