When i stayed at my friend's the other night, she was proud to show off her DIY manicure - exclaiming about her 'ladybird fingertips'. In an instant, i wished i had the patience to try different looks on my nails rather than either biting them down to a pulp or getting tips gelled on. Still, unless i have help from my friends in the salon - i hate my nails anyway.

Coincidence has it that the day after she was coming with my to get mine done, and also searching for "a yellowy nail colour - so i can do leopard print!". Sitting being buffed, my eye caught a zebra print nail, and i thought - what the hell! I always say i'm going to explore and get some wacky nails, but i never seem to. So here you have it; i'm the proud owner of some fabulous nails.


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