My life recently has consisted of a 3000 word visual essay, a 10,000 word group report, a presentation to the founders of Stylecompare.co.uk, a weekend trip home to Liverpool, a day trip with uni to London, baking brownies and shortbread with friends, a few well needed nights out and as of today.. snow. I've been mega busy, but in 2 weeks time I will have finished for christmas and will be able to get all my winter excitement out on the blog! A little pick me up I  bought when i was back home last weekend was this YSL lipstick, i constantly have my mum basically shouting at me telling me to start wearing lipstick because "i have lovely lips".. thats the usual backhanded compliment i get off my mum... but i've never been much of a make up person so i never think to reapply during the day, and one of my pet hates is when all my lipstick has gone from the middle and stayed on the outside. But as of now, i'm making a constant effort to change that.. i think my YSL deserves it :)

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