Brighten Up

I've officially finished my second year of University.. i've been working non-stop to finish my latest project - a zine which i'll show you soon! So now i can officially relax and look forward to a long 4 month summer. I'm heading out tonight in Nottingham for a last goodbye with my friends and then packing up and moving home tomorrow! Ofcourse the first thing i do when i hand in all my work? Get searching the net for my new summer buys ofcourse! I'm absolutely loving white on white, and as my favourite colour is orange the colour blocking trend is a great opportunity for me to dip my toes into wearing brighter colours.

1. Sunglasses: Ray Ban Clubmaster
2. Bracelet: Kitsen, ASOS - £15
3 Shorts: H&M - £19.99
4. Striped top: Zara - £15.99
5. White sandals: River Island - £59.99
6. Orange shopper: Zara - £69.99
7. Sleeveless blazer: ASOS - £60
    Shorts: ASOS - £36

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