On the twelfth day of christmas..

I apologise for my lack of posting - university and life generally got in the way. I'm in my final year of university now so was rushing to try and finish one of my dissertations before christmas! I'm back home now but am finding it difficult to take outfit pictures due to lack of warmth/photographer! My mum won't stop asking me what i want for christmas.. and this year my list isn't very long at all. I've been trying to have a look while christmas shopping and am definitely falling back into my grunge mood this winter, bring on studs, leather and chains.

1. Coat: H&M - £19.99 (sale)
2. Tote Bag:  River Island - £120
3. Slippers: Topshop - £28
4. Trousers: Zara - £39.99
5. T-shirt: River Island - £22
6. Arm Cuff: Topshop - £14

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